Episode 96: Sonic Spinball (Genesis)

by Dan

On this episode of the show, the boys gotta try to go fast through Sonic’s first foray into the pinball genre. Spoiler alert, they couldn’t go fast in a Sonic game. Again.

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Sonic Spinball on Wikipedia

Sega Technical Institute on Wikipedia

Pinball Dreams (Amiga – Full Game) by Zeusdaz – The Unemulated Retro Game Channel on YouTube

Sonic Pinball Party Longplay by World of Longplays on YouTube


Price Guide:

Sonic Spinball on PriceCharting


Segment Break Music:

Track: Chemical Plant Zone – Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Remix | Artist: Hyper Potions & Smooth McGroove | Album: Smooth McGroove Remixed | Label: GameChops 

Track: Green Hill Zone (feat. Wish on the Beat) | Artist: Coffee Date | Album: Coffee Date | Label: GameChops

Track: Hydrocity | Artist: Faseeh (feat Joshua Kruszyna) | Label: GameChops


• GameChops music is provided with a Creative Commons License

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