Episode 97: Comix Zone (Genesis)

by Dan

On this episode of the show, the boys help Sketch Turner get back to the microwave pizzas he loves.

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Comix Zone on Wikipedia

Joe Pencil Trapped in the Comix Zone on YouTube

Comix Zone Cheats on GameFAQs


Price Guide:

Comix Zone on PriceCharting


Segment Break Music:

Track: Go Straight | Artist: Doni | Album: The Streets (of Rage) | Label: GameChops 

Track: Megalovania [From “Undertale”] – Trip Hop Remix | Artist: Flexstyle | Label: GameChops

Track: Victory Fanfare | Artist: Rifti Beats | Album: Chocobo & Chill | Label: GameChops


• GameChops music is provided with a Creative Commons License

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